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Access the Recording - Backing BIPOC in NVC Community: A Journey Towards Allyship

Current NVC trainers share their journey as they’ve grown in awareness and commitment to racial equity and social justice in support of Black, Indigenous, People of Colour. Panelists include: Jiva Manske, Kristin Masters, Ceri Buckmaster, Jesse Weins, Catherine Cadden, and Pam Orbach.
Access the Recording - Backing BIPOC in NVC Community: A Journey Towards Allyship

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Access video immediately upon registration.

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Greetings! If you missed this event on April 10 - have no fear.

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Announcing the third in POC4NVC’s Open Call Series, the panel Backing BIPOC in NVC Community: A Journey Towards Allyship on Saturday April 10, 2021 from 10am - noon, Pacific.

The Open Call Series panels bring the voices and issues that are relevant to Black, Indigenious, People of Colour who are actively navigating spaces in NVC.

The Open Call Series also supports the financial health of the network, which has grown significantly since its inception and has expanded its offerings from bimonthly support calls to a successful launch of a NVC foundations course for BIPOC by BIPOC.

Moderated by Mika Maniwa with Leonie Smith, Backing BIPOC in NVC Community invites current NVC trainers to share their journey as they’ve grown in awareness and commitment to racial equity and social justice in support of Black, Indigenous, People of Colour.


We will be joined by a panel with a wide breadth of experience as NVC educators. Joining us will be:

  • Jiva Mankse (New Mexico)
  • Kristin Masters (Santa Cruz)
  • Ceri Buckmaster (London, UK)
  • Jesse Wiens (Vermont)
  • Catherine Cadden (Vermont)
  • Pam Orbach (Seattle)

Among the questions and themes we will be exploring:

  • Where do you struggle being an ally, and what resources you?
  • What is the most hard-to-hear message a BIPOC person ever said to you?
  • What have you learned in managing the rupture and repair that so often occurs in diverse spaces?
  • What NVC processes, principles support you in these conversations?
  • What do you want so-called white folks to know?


Suggested donation is $25 USD - no one turned away for lack of funds. 

All proceeds will go towards POC4NVC and funding our new scholarship fund, the NVC foundations course and other events.

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The call will be recorded and all ticket holders will receive access to the recording.


Jiva Manske

Jiva is a brother, son, facilitator, and organizer. He is connected to a collective of people around the world who are dedicated to supporting movements, organizations, and individuals to align values, resources, and action to maximize impact for social change. His work focuses on transforming the justice system from one that punishes to one that heals and repairs, and creating a world in which violence is rare by lifting up the stories and experiences of people building racial and economic justice. His approach to change is grounded in principles of nonviolence, including a commitment to accountability through collective action, organizing led by those most impacted by violence and the injustice at its roots, and trauma-informed, healing-centered practice. He has built strategy, trained leaders, and facilitated change with youth, elders, activists, executives, incarcerated people, educators, migrants, and government officials in Afghanistan, Australia, Austria, Canada, Costa Rica, England, Iran, Ireland, Mexico, Peru, Romania, and throughout the United States. He lives on Tiwa Land (known as Albuquerque, New Mexico) with his cat, an ever growing stack of speculative fiction books, and a general craving for food drenched in red and/or green chile.

Kristin Masters

Kristin began learning the principles and skills of nonviolent communication in 1994, when she worked with Jean Morrison in San Quentin Prison doing Alternatives to Violence programs. Her long term association with the NLSJ team ( to envision, commit and create “Living Critical Social Change with Nonviolent Communication” has been a collaborative learning and healing space that is at the center of Kristin’s life. Also at the center is Kristin’s work with and focus on grief and dealing with loss. She believes that “we only grieve that which we love” and that we are meant to grieve in community. Kristin works with individuals to hold our broken heartedness as sacred, to explore the love living beneath the grief around personal and collective losses. 

Ceri Buckmaster

I support people and organisations to meet conflict and move through it with care. I also support people to create more robust relationships based on transparency, openness, and mutual care. My sharing of NVC rests on the 4 pillars of:

Building a culture of Consent, Raising awareness of power and privilege, Finding ways of embracing and transforming conflict and Holding space for grief and mourning.

Catherine Cadden

Catherine is an educator, storyteller, and dancer with over 30 years of experience in bringing innovative programs in nonviolence, mindfulness, and conflict transformation to people of all ages, on six continents. In 1997, she founded the TEMBA School, a visionary K­–8 academic program which integrated nonviolent principles, mindfulness, art, and peace studies. In 2006, Catherine co-founded Play in the Wild! Initiations into Nonviolence for youth, families, and educators. In 2016, Play in the Wild! partnered with Vermont Refuge Resettlement Program to establish Crossroads: Where Cultures Meet. Through this program Catherine trains mentors to support teenagers who have just immigrated to the United States. This program offers a unique approach to dismantle systems of racism and sexism. Internationally recognized for her work, Catherine was a keynote speaker at the UNESCO Asia Pacific Education conference in 2012. Her work with her indigenous roots, elders, and teachers taught her to live interdependently with nature, which she shares with all who are willing to learn. She is a Center for Nonviolent Communication Certified Trainer and the author of Peaceable Revolution Through Education.

Jesse Weins

Jesse is the founder of ZENVC, an approach to the practice of Nonviolent Communication (NVC) that integrates meditation, mindfulness, and inner work. He has a passion for bringing Eastern and Western wisdom to bear on the problems of today, supporting individuals, couples, and communities to come back into wholeness. In this, he draws from his own Chinese-American heritage, seven years of living and practicing in Zen monasteries, and training with NVC founder, Marshall Rosenberg, and Center for Understanding in Conflict co-founder, Gary Friedman. Jesse is a Center for Nonviolent Communication Certified Trainer and a former volunteer with BayNVC’s Restorative Justice program at San Quentin State Prison. He is a contributing author to A Thousand Hands: A Guidebook to Caring for Your Buddhist Community.

Pam Orbach

Pam Orbach is the founder of A Center for Restorative Solutions which was created in 2017 in response to the growing despair and desire she experiences in the Seattle area for new ways of seeing and interacting with the world, and doing community-healing work. She writes: "It is my way of being the change I long to see in the world. It is a natural progression from my career in education, working with conflict in mediation for the City of Bellevue, and as a Nonviolent Communication trainer consultant and coach. The three modalities of work the Center uses, Nonviolent Communication, Restorative Justice/Restorative Practices, and Nonviolent Race/Equity Development are defined by our commitment to both bring awareness and attend to impact with compassion and care, so that all involved experience a sense of shared liberation and deepening connection through our process."


Mika Maniwa  

Mika Maniwa is a NVC trainer based in Vancouver, British Columbia.  She is interested  in how our nervous systems react to one another when there is perceived  threat, and what is needed to build trust across power differences.

Leonie Smith

Leonie Smith is a first-generation Canadian of Jamaican heritage and co-founder of POC4NVC, a network dedicated to supporting people of colour in NVC community. She is founder of  a consultancy dedicated to supporting organisations and individuals find ways of working that are less harmful and more inclusive, The Thoughtful Workplace. She has more than 20 years experience in senior management positions championing an approach to leadership that supports care and efficiency towards a shared purpose.

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