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We are a network for Black, Indigenous, People of Colour, with membership from around the world. 

Our work is to be a space for empathic support, and exploration of principles of nonviolence and nonviolent communication for Black, Indigenous, People of Colour.

We also connect with wider networks, through our Open Call series, a series dedicated to amplifying the voice of BIPOC folks to people interested in learning and exploring the intersections of NVC with understanding power, privilege, and what it means to be actively addressing the impact of racism and oppression.


Your contributions will be used in the following ways:


To keep our offerings that have fees accessible, we offer scholarships. Your donation allows us to do so and to meet the sustainability needs of the network and trainers who lead our fee-based offerings.


Sustaining and Growing the Network

POC4NVC is largely a volunteer-based network. As such we require money to pay for our expenses--expenses that directly support our core work.  General donations allow us to maintain communications that keep our network informed of opportunities for support; help us to maintain our new peer-support network for members to have access to emergent needs for empathy between our monthly call. It also supports costs such as maintaining a Zoom account and being able to provide financial contributions to community members who have material sustainability needs.


Ways to Give

One-Time Donation

Buy a support ticket

        An opportunity to pay for the full fee seat on behalf of a scholarship recipient. You can contribute the fee amount and receive a donation receipt if you live in the United States.

Monthly Gift

Contribute the same amount each month


Give Your Time and Expertise

        From time to time, we will post requests about our current needs. Share your interest.

Donations received within the United States are processed through our fiscal sponsor Urbana-Champaign Independent Media Center. Your receipt will come from them. Outside of the United States, there are no  tax-deductible options. You can donate directly to 

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